How to Create an Incredible Flower Container or Hanging Basket

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Guidelines To Beautiful Containers and Planters…

Decide Location Of The Container-

Lighting; Sun / Shade.

Easy To Care For.

Hanging Above, Ground Level, Table Top?

What Makes A Great Container-

Clay, Plastic, Cement, Ceramic, Wood, Metal, Old / New, Traditional, Modern.

Is It The Look You Want?

Depth & Width = Soil Volume.

Good Drainage.

A Good Planting Mix Does

Make A Difference-

Planting Mixes; Organic, Loose, Moisture Holding.

Start With New Soil or at least Half, Recycle The Old.

Look & Feel Before You Buy!

Coir Fiber / Coconut Fiber Dust; Renewable, This is Best At Water Holding

True Planting Techniques-

Soil Level.

Plant Depth.

Directing The Plants to Hang Over as Desired

Full But Not Crowded - How Much Root Space is There?

Choosing The Right Plants-

Light Requirements.

Upright, Mounding, Trailing.

Color Combinations

Will it Be Cool & Moist OR Hot & Dry?

Heavy Feeders, Like Petunias, Daisies

Trimming And/Or Deadheading.

Watering Needs

70° - every 3 days

80° - every other day

90° - every day

100°+ twice a day

If You Can Have A Saucer, Use It!!

Choose Your Method

Of Feeding And DO IT!

Young Plants; Feed weak solution for first couple of weeks.

Mature Plants; Feed Weekly To Monthly.

Liquid; Weekly, Bi-monthly, Monthly.

Time Release; Apply Twice May & July.

The Key is Consistency!

Caring For These Beauties

Deadhead To Keep Them Looking Good

Trimming & Shaping.

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